Mirror Mirror – Booking Information For Venues

Photographs copyright Robert Day

Mirror Mirror by Red Earth Theatre

A delightful new adaptation of Snow White for families

Suitable Age 5+.

When Snow White is offered a juicy red apple, by a kind old lady, she is sorely tempted. On the other hand, how does she know it’s not poisoned? She’s nearly been poisoned twice this week already and it’s not at all pleasant. Join Snow White, as guests at her wedding, and the whole story – magic mirror, wicked stepmother, seven dwarfs and all – will be revealed.

A gloriously mischievous take on the ever popular Snow White story beloved by generations of children, Red Earth’s new version of this timeless tale combines beautiful puppets, captivating storytelling and mesmerising sign language.


Available to Tour:

Christmas 2017 & January – March 2018 (Including February Half Term)

About the show:

The Snow White story is followed faithfully, with a few modern twists and the creative fun you would expect from Red Earth’s story telling style.

An emphasis on beautiful set and lighting design adds to the aesthetic quality of  the audience experience where, at the top of the show, they are invited to become part of Snow White’s wedding party and from there to  trace her story – from her birth to her wedding day.

The show is a tour de force for our deaf and hearing performers, playing all the characters. The actors combine quick character/costume changes, puppetry and heightened narrative to tell the story.

The show plays with scale: As we follow Snow White, sometimes she is life-sized and at other times she is a puppet, interacting with a puppet sized world. The 7 dwarfs are delightful, miniature puppets and Eric, their leader, also appears in scale with the human Snow White.

We are introduced to the glamorous new Queen – Snow White’s step-mother. We have great fun watching how her obsession with her own image and beauty turns her into an inventive poisoner. As with all classic wicked Queens, she is at once irresistibly funny, ingenious and dangerous. With each new disguise the Queen adopts, to carry out her murderous intentions, the audience have fun guessing which well-known fairytale character she will disguise herself as next.

A skilfully selected sound track threads it’s way through much of the the play enhancing the action and mood of each scene.

By the end of the show, the audience might even feel a bit sorry for the wicked Queen!

Red Earth’s Performance Style:

  • Red Earth pack a lot into our inventive and friendly family shows – you can be sure a mixed aged audience of children and their families will go away very happy from this new take on the story of Snow White.
  • Key to what we do is a focus on clear communication – combining colourful, creative sets and props, hilarious characters and quite a unique approach to each story they adapt.
  • From the very start, Red Earth have made shows which children and adults of all abilities can enjoy, and we have developed a way of telling the story where all the actors use total communication, including: spoken word; sign language; movement; dance and physical gestures throughout.  The access (Sign Language and English) fits seamlessly and entertainingly into the show so that anyone watching is included. Those who are Deaf and hard of hearing can access our shows equally with hearing audiences. See What we talk about when we talk about Sign Integrated Theatre
  • For this show we also offer full captioning. Text projection points are built in to the set and augmented with images that enhance the story for the very young, or again those with a hearing impairment.
  • Far from being distracting, these unusual additional ways to move the plot along are an integral and aesthetic feature of what they offer, as well as being an attraction to any families with disabled children.
  • Red Earth has toured this show to Deaf Clubs and schools, where Deaf and hearing children (from Reception to Year 6) , young people and adults have been fully  absorbed and delighted by the performances.
  • Children with additional learning needs have remained fully engaged throughout the show – to the surprise of their teachers – and all children have been inspired by the performance to talk animatedly about the show with their peers and teachers.

Tour Information:

The Show

Suitable:  Family (Suitable aged 5+)

Access:  The show is in English, Sign Language (British Sign Language and Sign Supported English),  and is fully captioned

Running:  70 mins (No Interval)

Available for tour:   Christmas 2017 and 3oth January 2018  –  4th March 2018

(Please speak to us if you’re  interested in dates either side of those outlined)

Technical Information:

Minimum performance area:  5.5 wide x 5.5 deep x 3.0 high

Get In:  4 hours

Get Out:  90 mins


Print provided:  A3 and A4 posters and A5 two sided flyers (Portrait)

Other marketing: On-llne show promotional video with captions

Digital imagery and show photographs for websites


Please contact Alex Stafford Marshall to discuss.


Contact Details:

Tour Booking: Alex Stafford-Marshall

Email:  alex@redearththeatre.com

Tel No:  01773 824 509

Christmas 2017:

We’re looking for a partner interested to book this show for their venue over the festive season 2017-18 and to work with us to provide audio description for every show, as an additional part of our access offer.

Interested in being THE venue offering one of the few accessible Christmas shows in the country? Please contact – Alex: alex@redearththeatre.com

Other  Company Details:

Marketing and Communications: Wendy Rouse

Email:  wendy@redearththeatre.com

Mob: 07584 046 183

Artistic and Finance:  Amanda Wilde

Email: amanda@redearththeatre.com

Mob: 07584 046 184

Technical: Alex Stafford-Marshall

Email:  alex@redearththeatre.com

Tel No:  01773 824 509

Company Address:

Red Earth Theatre

59a King Street, BELPER, DERBYSHIRE. DE561QA

Tel: 01773 824 509

Website:  www.redearththeatre.com

Registered Charity: 1135185

Company Limited by Guarantee: 4160294

Vat Reg:  Red Earth Theatre is not a VAT registered company



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