Post Graduate Partnership with University of Nottingham

Omari Blackman – studying for his MA in Electrical Communications and Computer Engineering at the University of Nottingham, joined Red Earth Theatre for 4 months through the University’s  Post Graduate placement scheme. Omari brought his amazing skills and computer programming knowledge to our mobile, accessible photo booth project –  Foto-Me-Fabulous. 

Omari Blackman - Programmer

After a briefing session about our aspirations for Foto-Me-Fabulous, Omari set about making the whole process of programming a special Foto-Me-Fabulous app work like a dream.

Over a period of planning meetings, working with us and our Graphic Designer Dominic Mallin and photo booth designer Dorrie Scott, we tested the accessible prototype with Deaf and hearing community members locally. See how the trial went:

Foto-Me-Fabulous Gets the Thumbs Up.

Congratulations to Omari for completing his MA and all best wishes to him at his new job at Jaguar in the West Midlands.


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