Foto-Me-Fabulous Gets the Thumbs Up

Foto-Me-Fabulous Trial

With thanks to Deaf and hearing volunteers at the Arboretum Community Cafe in Derby, Red Earth launched the first trial of their accessible, touring photo booth, Foto-Me-Fabulous.

A new digital programme, designed by Omari Blackman – a post graduate student from the University of Nottingham – guides Foto-Me-Fabulous users through a fun process of dressing up and taking their photos. Instructions are in British Sign Language and spoken and written English.  The photographs are uploaded on to the Foto-Me-Fabulous website and the participants can access them, once they are sent a text with the website link.

“It’s fun and a really good idea.” 

Asked what they thought of the process and the whole idea of Foto-Me-Fabulous, participants gave the project a universal thumbs up. After a few tweaks, suggested by the volunteers, the technical side of the project is ready for go.

The next step is the design of the booth. Dorrie Scott, Nottingham based set designer, will complete the design and build of the Foto-Me-Fabulous booth this Autumn.

Foto-Me-Fabulous on Tour

The whole project will travel with Red Earth’s next show, The Remarkable Tale of Oliver Twist. Audiences will be able to dress up as their favourite characters from Oliver Twist and have their photos taken with family and friends.

Find out more about the wonderful Arboretum Community Cafe. If you’re in the area, have a walk in the park and pop in for a cup of tea and a bite. Chat with the friendly Deaf and hearing staff about how this great project, led by entrepreneurs from Derby’s Deaf community, got off the ground.


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