Cinderella’s Last Ball – First Rehearsal with 3D Derby Deaf Drama

You don’t need pills. 3D is the best medicine.

Great to be back at Rycote Centre, Derby, co-producing Cinderella’s Last Ball with the amazing 3D (Derby Deaf Drama) and Deda Derby Dance.

It’s been 14 years since we first worked with the group, which came to be known as 3D. We reflected on all the changes that have happened in the world over this time. As you’d expect, there have been personal changes: marriages; births; deaths; job changes; moving house and adventurous travel.  There have been huge changes in the Deaf world and the world at large since 2002.

Access to Work (AtW) allowed Deaf people equal access at work. More Deaf people are employed, or have become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. Now, this may be threatened by AtW cut backs. It’s evolution in reverse.

The internet and mobile phones have transformed Deaf people’s communication between each other and with the hearing community. 3D is connected with Deaf companies and communities all over the world who regard the group as a model of Deaf theatre excellence.

We had a great session, as ever chock full of ideas, jokes and performance skills.

Next session: Wednesday 16th September at Rycote Centre.

3D Playing


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