Price Tag

It’s the inequality, stupid.

Price Tag is a 40 minute powerhouse of a show for teenage audiences.

Price Tag takes a satirical swipe at the corporate world of fast food and touches on themes of health, exercise, protest, democracy and the people’s right to green spaces.

Photograph Rich Swainson





Theatre for young audiences that packs a real punch.

Commissioned by The Movement to launch Movement Hubs in Derby City secondary schools promoting 4 action programmes: Live It, Move It, Eat It, Kick It.

Price Tag Video


  • Reducing health inequalities is a matter of fairness and social justice
  • Highest priority: Children
  • What happens in early years (starting in the womb) has life-long effects on health and well-being.
  • Educational achievement brings with it a whole range of achievements including better employment, income and physical and mental health
  • Being in employment is protective of health
  • Unemployment contributes to poor health
  • Having insufficient money to lead a healthy life is a highly significant cause of health inequalities
  • Policies which would help mitigate climate change would also help reduce health inequalities – for instance more walking, cycling and green spaces
  • Britain’s obesity epidemic can be partly blamed on lack of green spaces in cities
  • Clear link between housing density, lack of open spaces and public health in the most populated cities in England
  • Social support within and between communities is critical to physical and mental well-being

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