Suitable for Children?

Emil 4On Friday, the whole of Cromford Village School – from Reception to Year 6 – saw a run through of Emil and the Detectives. For the Reception children, it was only their second day at school and some had just turned 4, with birthdays in July and August. Yet, they all happily sat through 75 minutes (no interval) of sophisticated drama with a complex and fast moving plot line and numerous character changes.

Like most touring theatre companies, we give an age guidance for our work because it is required by venues, but we prefer not to. Indeed, we support the writer Philip Pullman’s campaign against publishers prescribing suitable ages for children’s books.

We know that children will read well in advance of their nominal reading ages if their curiosity is excited, they need find out information, or know what happens next in a story. In our experience, the same is true in drama and we should never underestimate the power of live performance to engage and motivate children of all ages.

So, although we have said to our touring venues that Emil is “suitable for children aged 6+” we know that it works for anyone who is a child, or ever was a child.

For information about Tour Dates for Emil and the Detectives click HERE


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