Emil and the Detectives – on tour now

Emil and the Detectives

Image by Dominic Mallin

An action-packed adventure for the whole family

The national tour is in full swing for Red Earth’s new adaptation of a classic story for children and families.

Red Earth Theatre and mac Birmingham
Emil and the Detectives
Based on the book by Erich Kästner

The scene of the crime is a slow train to Berlin. It is where young Emil, travelling alone, falls asleep and is robbed of all his money. The chief suspect is the man in the bowler hat, but how to catch the thief? It calls for quick wits, a cool head and some clever detection work. So begins the great adventure. Join Emil as he teams up with a gang of young sleuths who lead a hair-raising chase across Berlin to catch a dirty rotten thief.

“Emil and the Detectives is a little masterpiece … Read it and you will be happy.”
– Maurice Sendak

A classic adventure story with a timeless energy all of its own, Emil and the Detectives is a fun-packed thriller, so get on board for a chase through the streets of 1930s Berlin in a production of great ingenuity and charm.

Follow this link for TOUR DATES.


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