Dream Repair Service

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“There must be more to life than having everything”.
Maurice Sendak

Our starting point for Famous Five was young people and aspiration.

We did some research with young offenders and were especially interested in the stories of a group of teenage girls who were struggling to express their hopes for the future or to imagine future lives that might be productive or fulfilling.

We looked at the work of Adam Phillips who argues that human beings lead double lives (the imagined life and the lived life) and that we all need to hold on to frustration (battling with obstacles to achievement) as part of our lived lives in order to pursue our dreams. It’s like characters in stories have to overcome obstacles and have their desires frustrated so that the journey will be worthwhile ultimately.

It felt to us that some of the young women we were working with had been overwhelmed by frustration and were in danger of giving up hope.

We wanted to take the thread of these ideas into Famous Five and to engage with ‘dreams unfulfilled’ in a light and playful way.

As part of the Famous Five pre-show, our actors went out to talk to the audience (in their character roles) and – using the context of the play as a framing device – they conducted a survey on hopes, wishes and dreams.

This brought us to thinking about a dream repair service – what would it look like?

To get the ball rolling we’ve decided to develop, with your help, a DREAM REPAIR KIT.

So, we thought we’d ask you: what would go into a kit for repairing dreams?
The contents can be physical, abstract, practical, animal, mineral or vegetable.
Maybe it contains a map of instructions for how to live life?
Advice? Aphorisms? Or maybe just a sentence, to pass on to others, about what makes your day worth it?


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