Famous Five – Blyton style!

Children Describe the Characters – in the Style of Enid Blyton

We wanted to look at children’s wishes, hopes and dreams and to explore how adults can often lose sight of their aspirations and drives.

We developed 5 contemporary characters: Jennifer, Geraldine (known as Fluffy), Charmaine, Beth and Rosie and imagined them as girls in an Enid Blyton story. We were playing with the contrast between the childhood aspirations and the adult lived lives of our characters. The Blyton style seemed to heighten this contrast.

We wrote a description for each character in the avuncular, clipped style of Blyton (much beloved of children) and the descriptions were recorded by members of the mac Birmingham Saturday Youth Theatre.

Tabitha Girling reads Jennifer
Alex Girling reads Fluffy and Charmaine
Bella Black reads Beth and Rosie

Children tell us their Hopes, Wishes and Dreams

We asked young people in the mac Birmingham Saturday Youth Theatre what a hope for the future might look like. Tabitha Girling, Alex Girling and Bella Black recorded their hopes, wishes and dreams for us.


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