A nation that can laugh at itself

This year’s big sporting events had quite an impact on the nation – though there were plenty of voices of dissent in advance of that spectacular opening ceremony in July, we don’t know anyone who wasn’t moved by the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012.
What was really splendid about the world stage art of the Olympic opening ceremony was not simply its quality – it was its sense of humour: we Brits don’t always take ourselves too seriously. At a recent event, Ije Nwokorie and Chris Moody from Wolff Olins (the brand designers for London 2012) gave a keynote called ‘Prescribed Anarchy! What can we learn from the Olympics?’. In it, they talked about their approach of creating brands that audiences and consumers can get inside and make their own – and an example that they were particularly proud of was this appropriation of the London 2012 brand:

Bags for sale with Olympic-look branding (from an article in The Huffington Post)

The slogans capture that tongue-in-cheek attitude that also laced the ceremonies, and we think it’s no bad thing to celebrate a nation with low expectations and a good dose of self-deprecation. In the spirit of the Olympics, we’re challenging you to translate unbridled optimism into self-effacing pragmatism so we can reclaim our dreams the British way!
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