The Best Kept Secret – Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Caroline Parker

Caroline Parker Sign Song Diva

Caroline Parker kept a secret. Yesterday, in an email she wrote to us saying, “Am doing some plain sign stuff”. Last night we watched the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics and there, ending the most fantastic evening of theatre, circus and dance, was Caro signing/singing   ‘I Am What I Am alongisde Beverley Knight and Lizzie Emeh. Gorgeous!

Knowledge, understanding, creativity and courage are the ways to make change happen in the world. Jenny Sealey and Bradley Hemmings gave the opening ceremony gravitas and populist appeal in bucket loads. A visual spectacular that made you cheer and think at the same time. It’s a lesson for us all in making the best theatre: the scale of the individual human form – Miranda guided by Prospero – set against the vast universe – conjured by Stephen Hawking. Miranda reaches for the stars, breaks the glass ceiling and places the challenge for us all. Each of us is somebody.  The personal story  of discovery makes the global story of infinite possibilities for all human beings, accessible to us all.

Genius Jenny. xxx


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