Arts Council England
Red Earth Theatre is an ACE – East Midlands National Portfolio Organisation (NPO).
We are funded by ACE to tour theatre for children and young people and to continue
our commitment to making work that is diverse (Deaf and disability).

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
Whenever possible we tour shows to Arena Theatre. It is one of our favourite and most
welcoming venues. Arena Theatre is also a Simorgh network member

Embrace Arts, Leicester
We work closely with Embrace Arts at the Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester, to
share and develop better inclusive practice in all aspects of our work. Embrace Arts is
one of 3 original Simorgh network members.

mac Birmingham
Red Earth has a longstanding co-producing relationship with mac Birmingham. They
are co-producing partners for Emil and the Detectives and we are currently working in
association with them to produce Famous Five. mac Birmingham is a core Simorgh
network member.

Simorgh Network (Need to make an internal link here to Simorgh Page)
Red Earth Theatre is the facilitating organisation for Simorgh a network committed to
human rights, equality, access and inclusion by promoting Deaf and disability equality in
the mainstream arts sector.

The Art House, Wakefield
Red Earth works closely with The Art House Wakefield on aspects of policy
development in relation to the Creative Case for Diversity. We also plan to co-produce
creative work in the near future. The Art House is a core Simorgh network member

The Arkwright Society
The Arkwright Society is an educational charity devoted to the rescue of industrial
heritage buildings and helping to preserve the precious built and natural landscape in
and around Cromford. Red Earth Theatre has its base in the Old Carriage House at
Cromford Mills.

The Mighty Creatives
As an ACE Goal 5 organisation, Red Earth Theatre works in partnership with TMC to
research and develop our NPO programme. Red Earth is a member of the TMC – Goal
5 Network.

The Movement Derby – working with children and young people in Derby to promote healthy living and activity, self confidence and aspiration.

Youth Offending Team, Derby Red Earth has worked closely with YOT Derby to
provide training


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