Mission, Vision and Values

© Robert Day

© Robert Day


Red Earth’s mission is to create and tour inclusive theatre for young audiences, and produce drama that inspires, provokes and enchants. We are pioneers of integrated theatre, telling powerful stories that engage the heart and challenge the mind. We work in two languages: British Sign Language and English, and use age sensitive, creative captioning and audio description to enhance access.

Collaboration with Deaf, disabled and non-disabled artists and audiences is at the heart of our work and we endeavour to reflect the diversity of contemporary Britain.

Vision and Values:

Our vision is a rich creative life for every child.

Children and Young People: We recognise that working with young people, in whatever way, teaches us courage, clarity, playfulness and so much more. Their energy renews our creativity and supports our conviction that young people are agents of social change.

Collaboration: Central to our work is collaboration with people, places and communities as much as with artists and companies.

Diversity: We subscribe to a broad-ranging definition of diversity that includes: disability, race, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, class and social and economic disadvantage.

We think that artists, audiences and participants have multiple and multi-faceted identities that are fluid and rooted in people’s lives and aspirations. Many people who experience discrimination and barriers to participation are included in more than one equality group. Consequently, we take a nuanced, sophisticated and holistic approach to diversity, foregrounding creativity and imagination in our thinking and practice.

Inclusion is an action word, a doing word. We will take action to ensure that a diverse and broad spectrum of people is enabled to participate in our work as fully and effectively as possible. We want inclusion to be a natural part of our
work, not its sole defining characteristic.

We believe that leadership in our sector is distinguished by its integrity and is best maintained through consent, not coercion; through sharing, not withholding power; through respecting the rights of others, not riding roughshod over them; and through participating with a spirit of tolerance and compromise.

Our leadership comes from a different place. Red Earth is a small organisation that can effect change quickly. It is rooted in the communities we serve, the people we reach, the collaborations we make. It is realised in the network of
arts organisations we manage and the wider sector we support. It is powered by our passion for and commitment to diversity in arts practice.

New Ways of Making Theatre: We are a devising company, committed to many different voices on stage; to a multitude of stories, not a single story; to Deaf, disabled, and diverse artists and audiences, especially those who are marginalised and disenfranchised.

We believe creativity emerges from the space in-between cultures, a genuinely shared space that reflects cultural identities and then transcends them to create new artistic experiences and forms. Our artistic drive is located in this shared space.

Our process celebrates the endless genius and imagination of artists.

We are passionate about language and believe all aspects of theatre performance should be as articulate as the spoken word.

We want to tell good stories that engage the heart and challenge the mind. We want to tell stories that reflect the plural society we are part of. We are people-centred and story-oriented.

The Idea of Finite: We understand there is a finite amount of energy in the world and are committed to responding to climate change by reducing our impact on the environment.

In human resource terms, we believe that the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it, and want to promote a healthy work-life balance. This means conserving our creative energy and choosing wisely where and how to invest our time and effort in the steps we take to realising our vision.


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