A New Home at Cromford Mill

Cromford Railway Station and Bridge

A New Base at Cromford

Surrounded by rolling hills and limestone tors in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, our new base is at Cromford Mill, a UNESCO world heritage site, recognised as having international significance.

From these buildings, Richard Arkwright developed technology that changed the world we live in. New enterprises – architects, recording and design studios, musical instrument makers, artists, horticulturalists, photographers and others, including Red Earth – have found homes in the shells of buildings (mills, warehouses, a wharf), abandoned by earlier occupants.

a place to think, dream and create.

We will develop new ways for people to be involved in our work and from here, tour to places and spaces where we can best connect with audiences.

Cromford is an environment that made world-changing ideas possible; not a walled, protected garden but open to the free flow of ideas and technological acceleration. Red Earth takes this as inspiration for developing networks that are liquid and informal.  Many of our key partners are based in cities whose dynamism, restlessness and creativity feed our work. Along side new rural collaborations, we will continue to make theatre that tours out of urban spaces.

Theatre that is vital and democratic

Wherever we make or take work, we find that people want ideas, want language, want space to share and to talk.

Amazing theatre, made in the Midlands.


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